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Conducted by- University of Johannesburg

The current status of transformation in South Africa reflects a tourism sector dominated by large tour operator and travel agency enterprises, and an apparent continued marginalisation of small black-owned businesses. This study sought to determine the extent to which large enterprises are providing economic opportunities, and to identify the business linkage prospects available across the value chain within the Travel and Related Services sub-sector. Data was collected through a qualitative multi-method technique. The study population comprised of senior executives of four large enterprises and owners of 38 small black enterprises. The findings suggested that large enterprises continued to show a generally low commitment to transformation on enterprise development. The findings also revealed that there was a credible pool of small black enterprises capable of sustaining successful relationships. Solutions for building sustainable business linkages across the tourism value chain are proposed. The study concludes that a breakthrough strategy driven by industry leaders is required to accelerate the pace of transformation in tourism.

TOPIC: Tourism value chain and opportunities for transformation in South Africa