Tourism Sector Recovery Plan

​The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the tourism sector into an unprecedented crisis. In response to this, the Department of Tourism initiated the development of a Tourism Sector Recovery Plan (TSRP) to facilitate the recovery of the sector to preserve jobs and livelihoods, facilitate new job opportunities, match demand and supply, and strengthen transformation. The Plan is a product of a collaborative effort with key stakeholders from government, the sector and other social partners.

The Tourism Sector Recovery Plan is in line with the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan (ERRP) which was launched in November 2020. The ERRP Plan aims to build a new economy and unlock South Africa’s true economic potential. It identified tourism as one of the priority areas of intervention in the ERRP especially with infrastructure development; mass public employment; green economy interventions; the inclusion of women and youth; and skills development.

The TSRP has three strategic themes namely: Re-Igniting Demand, Rejuvenating Supply and Strengthening Enabling Capability.

The effective implementation of the TSRP is anchored on the following seven Strategic Interventions:
  • Implement norms and standards for safe operation across the tourism value chain to enable safe travel and to rebuild traveller confidence;
  • Stimulate domestic demand through targeted initiatives and campaigns;
  • Strengthening the supply-side through resource mobilisation and investment facilitation;
  • Support for the protection of core tourism infrastructure and assets;
  • Execute a global marketing programme to reignite international demand;
  • Tourism regional integration; and
  • Review the tourism policy to provide enhanced support for sector growth and development.

The Strategic Interventions are supported by catalytic programmes with specific actions, time-frames and an indication of those responsible for the implementation of each strategic intervention.

The successful implementation of the TSRP will partly depend on a set of enablers whose implementation is beyond the Department of Tourism and the tourism industry in general such as the implementation of e-visas, tourist safety, airlift capacity etc.

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