Framework for Community Participation in Tourism

The Framework for Community Participation in Tourism (FCPT) in line with the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan, emphasises the importance of developing and reinforcing domestic, regional, and local tourism that is inclusive and prioritises community well-being. According to the FCPT, in order to ensure that tourism provides maximum benefit to communities where tourism serves as a catalyst, a clear evidence-based framework is required to guide and measure progress. The FCPT's implementation should benefit underdeveloped regions, both urban and rural, as well as previously disadvantaged groups. 


The goal of this FCPT is to guide the Department, provincial tourism departments, and other key tourism stakeholders in their efforts to encourage community participation in the tourism sector and, as a result, to increase the positive impact tourism can have on local economic development and community quality of life.


The Framework aims to address the following: 


·      To increase local economic development linked to Tourism.

·      To increase the number of sustainable tourism jobs.

·      To increase the percentage of local people employed by tourist activities.

·      To increase community or rural resident ownership of tourism related products. 

·      To increase understanding of the tourism sector and related opportunities.      


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