Women in Tourism (WiT)

​The Women in Tourism (WiT) Programme is an initiative that propels and supports the development and empowerment of women in the tourism sector.

Premised on the principles of Respect; Recognition; Representation and Reward, the Women in Tourism Programme integrates women from diverse backgrounds to converge on a set of common goals and interests that will ensure their success in the sector.

Since its inception in 2013, the programme serves as a mechanism to elevate the status of women in tourism by providing training, empowerment and networking opportunities that facilitate their competitiveness as entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders.

The objectives of the WiT are:

  • To ensure that women are Respected, Recognized, Represented, and Rewarded in the sector;
  • To identify mechanisms to address the barriers faced by women in the tourism sector
  • To drive transformation in the tourism sector that is aligned to the targets set out in the BBB-EE Tourism Sector Code and the UNWTO Sustainable Development Goals ;
  • To lobby government and stakeholders to create opportunities that drive the advancement of women in the sector;
  • To facilitate access to business resources, information and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in tourism;
  • To mobilise and create platforms to network, expand business and professional horizons;
  • To profile, recognise, affirm and create platforms to celebrate the success of women in the sector
  • To provide leaders and role models for women who endeavor to enter the tourism sectors.
  • To align with similar organisations to better leverage opportunities;

Women who want to participate in the programme are encouraged to register with the Women in Tourism Provincial Chapters in their respective province.

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Eastern Cape (EC) Province:
Name: Ms. Mandlakazi Skefile
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Provincial Chairperson for EC
Tel: 083 266 4729
E-mail: mfeiks1@gmail.com

​Free State (FS) Province:

Name: Ms. Satty Mdluli
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for FS
Tel: 084 412 0845
E-mail: satty@thabiletours.co.za

​Gauteng (GP) Province:

Name: Ms. Suzy Mphela (Deputy)
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for GP
Tel: 082 344 8307

E-mail: suzysBnB@gmail.com

Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) Province:

Name: Ms. Makhosi Msimango
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for KZN
Tel: 071 973 2902
E-mail: makhosi.msimango@gmail.com   and   makhosi@ndzengatours.com

​Limpopo (LP) Province:

Name: Ms. Grace Sibara
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for LP
Tel: 082 728 3446
E-mail: grace2@vodamail.co.za

​Mpumalanga (MP) Province:

Name: Ms. Carol Nake
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for MP
Tel: 082 680 2359
E-mail: caroline.nake@gmail.com​

​Northern Cape (NC) Province:

Name: Ms. Mamagowa Letaba   
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for NC
Tel: 082 442 7696

North West (NW) Province:
Name: Ms. Bofelo Ngwenya
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for NW
Tel: 079 238 5171
E-mail: keatlaretseb@gmail.com

​Western Cape (WC) Province:

Name: Ms. Catherine Ida Oosterwyk
Title: Women in Tourism Provincial Chairperson for WC
Tel: 072 483 7716
E-mail: cathystours@absamail.co.za