Social Responsibility Implementation Programme

The Social Responsibility Implementation Programme, popularly known as the SRI, is the job creation or the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) of the Department of Tourism. It is a targeted grant, aimed at supporting the development of community based tourism, thereby stimulating job creation, sector transformation, economic empowerment, community benefit and geographic spread of tourism investment. The high level of unemployment in South Africa makes job creation a crucial challenge. However, job creation without skills development and training does not lend itself to sustainable employment. Training is a crucial element of all Expanded Public Works programme (EPWP) Social Responsibility Implementation (SRI) projects of the Department of Tourism (NDT). 
The SRI programme aims to:
  • Stimulate employment creation in the tourism sector
  • Youth development and empowerment
  • Encourage the geographical spread of tourism products with a bias towards rural areas
  • Promote sector transformation
The Department is responsible for identifying and sourcing appropriate EPWP tourism projects in consultation with the national, provincial and local tourism stakeholders. Although the department will endeavour to consult with the other spheres of government, the final decision on which projects to fund remains the responsibility of the department. All proposals must be submitted via the relevant provincial department tasked with tourism.