Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I start a Bed & Breakfast or Lodge?
​Answer: Step 1: Have a place where a business will be operating.
Step 2: Draft a business plan, assistance can be provided by DTI
Step 3: e the equipment that will be needed to operate your business.
Step 4: Register your business as CC at the Department of Trade and Industry.
Step 5: Apply for site inspection from Department of Health before your business become operational by Health and Safety Inspectors
Step 6: Apply the marketing strategies to get customers for your business.
Step 7: Apply for funds (if necessary) to expand your business. s that help with funding are listed on “How to Start and grow your tourism business” booklet.
Step 8: Once operational, the Grading Council of South Africa will accredit the establishment and issue the certificate with star grading.
Question: What is the difference between a tour guide and a tour operator?
​Answer: Tour Guide

A tour guide travels with the tourists from their place of arrival to all places they would like to visit in South Africa (specifically in Provinces where tour guide is registered)

Tour Operator
A tour operator is someone who makes all the arrangements for the tourists who will be visiting SA e.g. accommodation, transport and places of attractions
Question: What are the requirements for one to operate as a tour guide or a tour operator?
​Answer: Tour Guide
  • One need to attend a tourist guide course with Institutions that offer that course (to mention few, Drum Beat Safaris, Tshwane North College @ +27 (12) 341 2462
  • Attend a First Aid Course with accredited Institutions e.g. Red Cross (List of accredited Institutions is obtainable from Department of
  • o
  • r
  • In completion of the above-mentioned courses, register with provincial offices where you would like to operate from.
  • Liaise with tour operators to get information on the dates when tourists will be visiting South Africa.

Tour Operator
  • Enroll with Institutions that offer a tour operator course
  • Affiliate with SATSA  for more information on tour operator services
  • Liaise with travel agencies for information on tourists who will be visiting SA
How to become a registered tourist guide​​
Question: What are the requirements for one to get his/her transport in the Tourism sector?
  • Have your own transport.
  • Apply for Road Transportation Permit from Department of Transport.
  • Apply for Professional Drivers Permit from g Department.
  • Liaise with tour operators to get information on the dates when tourists will be visiting South Africa.
  • Get a qualified tour guide to travel with tourists when they get to South Africa.
Question: How does one get to attend Tourism Exhibitions?
Answer: Apply through Tourism Enterprise Programme or contact oliswa Nyikana on tel +27 (12) 310 3875                     
Question: Where do I get general information about Tourism?
Answer: Call South African Tourism on tel +27 (12) 895 3000 or visit their website address:                     
Question: May I have copies of the provincial tourism attractions?
Answer: Our Information Centre can provide copies (depending on availability) or alternatively provide the client with Provincial Tourism Authority’s contact details.
Question: Where and how can I get access to a Z83 form?
Answer: One can be emailed to the requester immediately as our Resource Centre does not provide hard copies.                       
Question: Which posts have been advertised at Tourism?
Answer: View all advertised posts at Tourism website and Government Vacancy Circular in order to provide the public with accurate information.
Question: Who can I speak to in order to enquire about the status of my application?
Answer: On the advert, there is a contact person from Human Resource whom queries can be referred to.
Question: How do I register on Tourism supplier database?
  • A database form can be collected by hand at the Information Centre from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • A database form can be emailed to the requester immediately.
Question: What information should be supplied when returning the database form?
  • Original tax clearance certificate.
  • The VAT or registration number must be on the document, if there is no number on the document, the company can not be registered on the database, this is due to the fact that the Logis system does not accept the information. 
  • When a company has a current account, a copy of a cancelled cheque must be added to the form.
  • Other important information that needs to submitted is as follows: cv’s of key staff, references, company profile, track record, hourly/daily rate and in the case of supplier of furniture & stationery, catalogue must be supplied.
Question: Who do I speak to if I have other questions pertaining to the database form?
Answer: Call Rhulani Nthani on tel +27 (12) 444 6231
Question: Which tenders have been advertised by Tourism?
Answer: Refer to the Tourism website to see the latest tenders. These will provide details of what they are and briefing session’s dates. The venue of the briefing session is always provided by Supply Chain Management if it differs from the advertised tender.
Question: Who deals with Internships and bursaries at the Department of Tourism?
Answer: For all Internships enquiries you can speak to Mr Gregory Moroke ton tel  +27 (12) 444 6166 and for all Bursary enquiries you can speak to Ms Koketso Malemele on tel  +27 (12) ​444 6191.