2023 Research Seminar

The revised National Tourism Sector Strategy (2016-2026) recognises research as one of the key success factors for sustainable competitiveness in destination management and emphasises the important role research plays to guide planning and decision making. The strategy highlights the need to build partnerships and collaboration to strengthen the context, use and dissemination of research findings in order to inform policy, planning and decision making.  

Research in tourism assists, among others, to identify new markets, understand trends that might have an impact on 
the tourism sector, monitor performance, assess competitiveness and provide statistics on tourism movement, 

profiles and characteristics.


The 2023 Tourism Research Seminar, themed: “advancing tourism growth and development through research: phase of recovery and building resilience” will take place on 24 March 2023 at Manhattan Hotel, Pretoria 09:00am to 14:00pm  ​(Lunch from 14:00pm).


Research studies to be presented at this Research Seminar will focus on Domestic Tourism and Sector Demand 

and Supply.


Research seminars are an annual platform hosted by the Department of Tourism to disseminate research findings, exchange and share ideas with different stakeholders in order to enhance strategies, planning, programmes and policy decision-making within the tourism sector.

For more information, contact Ms Maria Mogane at ResearchWebinar@tourism.gov.za


2023 Presentations:

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