Social Responsibility Implementation Programme

The Social Responsibility Implementation Programme (SRIP) is the job creation or the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) of the Department of Tourism. The purpose of the programme is poverty alleviation and job creation through tourism development therefore it addresses the Department’s tourism development and growth objectives in a manner that ensures it contributes to job creation and empowering communities through appropriate training programmes.

Potential projects are sourced by the department based on the identified tourism priority and focus areas, and in consultation with the provincial department which is responsible for tourism. Although the department will endeavour to consult with the other spheres of government, the final decision on which projects to fund remains the responsibility of the department.

In 2012/13 the programme is currently implementing 57 active infrastructure projects which can be classified under the following headings:
  • Heritage tourism projects
  • Trails and adventure tourism
  • Recreational tourism
  • Accommodation – lodges, camp sites, resorts
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Niche tourism projects
  • Tourism information centres
The Departments has also implemented the following training projects for the youth:
  • The Young Chefs Programme
  • The Hospitality Youth Programme
  • The Sommeliers Programme
  • The Tourism Buddies programme.