Inaugural UNWTO SA

With a new year unfolding and economic recovery under way across the globe, the UNWTO/South Africa International Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega Events aims to bring together leaders of the global tourism community (one of the world's leading sectors capable of fuelling global economic activity, employment and confidence) to explore the impact of Sport and Mega-events on tourism. Conscious of the vital role of tourism in supporting resilience, stimulus and transformation to a green economy, the UNWTO introduced a "Roadmap for Recovery" identifying how the travel and tourism sector can more effectively contribute to international and national actions in these three interconnected  areas. Globally, sport and mega-events play a powerful role in stimulating the tourism economy. Moreover, it is increasingly apparent that these events will not only have to respond to the changing global sustainability norms and development imperatives, but can themselves be powerful communicators and drivers of change. The world's leading experts, industry leaders and tourism ministers who attended the inaugural International Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega-events intensified the emphasis on the global need for tourism sector success to boost global economies.

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