Safe Travels

​​We are so glad that you decided to explore our beautiful country and would love to make you feel at home the South African way – with warm smiles, open arms and hospitality.

COVID-19 has stop/start cycles and we find ourselves in the fourth wave. The recently gazetted Norms and Standards for the Safe Oper​ations of the Tourism Sector provide minimum universal practices, to ensure your safe holiday. We are also busy rolling out our robust vaccine programme for your health and safety.

Here are some tips to ensure a safe and responsible vacation:

Your health comes first

With the pandemic still with us, we need to navigate the new normal with extreme caution. Let’s keep each other safe by being vaccinated, wearing your mask at all times, sanitise often and remember to observe social distancing.

Be mindful of all cultures and traditions

South Africa is a vast melting pot of people and cultures. Learn as much as you can and take time to understand the customs and norms of our rainbow nation. To enhance your experience, always be tolerant and respect diversity while you observe social and cultural traditions and practices.

Get reliable information

To enhance your travel experience, details of where to go and things to do, can be obtained at the various local Visitors Information Centreslocated throughout th​e country.

Use registered guides and operators

We know you are excited and eager to explore! While it is safe to travel throughout the country; certain areas however would be best explored through the services of a registered Tour Operator or Tourist Guide. Always remember to wear your mask.

Safety first

Always be alert and make responsible decisions about your safety when travelling. Familiarise yourself with the area you are visiting or staying in and check with your hotel before going for a walk alone. Never hike alone, but rather join a small hiking group or friends. Be sure to follow safety tips provided by registered places of accommodation and by local authorities.

Be careful

Take care with your personal possessions and travel documents when travelling in cities and other popular destinations. Leave your passport and other documents in a safe place and carry a copy of another form of identification with you. Always keep your valuables in sight.

For your safety, the Department of Tourism placed Tourism Monitors at key attractions nationally to enhance tourism safety and reduce tourist vulnerabilities.

Help preserve the natural environment

We are renowned for our pristine natural beauty and wildlife. Help us to protect our fauna and flora by not purchasing products sourced from endangered plants or animals. Please report all illegal hunting and poaching, to the law enforcement authorities.

Observe beach safety

Many of our beaches carry a Blue Flag status. Take care when swimming as rip currents tend to be very strong. Be sure to read and follow any signs at swimming areas and only use beaches with lifeguards. As we in the fourth wave, please refrain from large gatherings and parties.

Watch the weather

The African sun can be intense during summer. Wear sunscreen and carry enough water to ensure that you stay hydrated, especially when visiting outlying areas.

Be waterwise

Water is a scarce commodity in many parts of the country and should be used sparingly by all. While our tap water is safe to drink, avoid drinking water from rivers and streams.

Buy local

Support local communities by purchasing goods that are produced in South Africa. That way, you can take a piece of us home with you! Always practice good hand hygiene at all times.

Useful contact details:

Department of Tourism:
Call Centre: 0860-TOURISM (0860868747)
Police: 10111
Police from cellphone: 10177
Ambulance / fire: 10177
Weather forecast: 082 231 1640
Tourism complaints:
Tourist safety initiative:

Do enjoy your stay and we wish you many happy returns!