Tourism Month 2013


The National Department of Tourism will be celebrating the 2013 Tourism Month with the theme ‘’Tourism and water – protecting our common future’’, as identified by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

The theme for the 2013 Tourism Month highlights the need to bring the tourism sector and water management stakeholders closer together to spur tourism’s contribution to water sustainability and the industry’s own future survival.

Symbiosis between water and tourism 

In the past year, tourism month was celebrated under the theme of sustainable energy which is one of the components of Responsible Tourism. In 2013 Tourism Month sees the introduction of yet another critical responsible tourism element, water and how it relates to tourism and in particular the impact that both water and tourism have on each other’s future and what needs to be done for both to protect their common future. The concept of “a common future” refers to concepts such as sustainability, sustainable development and responsible tourism all of which describe economic/industrial development that meet today’s needs without jeopardising the needs of future generations, development which is sensitive to the environment, protects heritage and benefits local communities in meaningful ways.

Background and activities

This year’s Tourism Month celebrations will be preceded by a domestic tourism campaign with the National Department of Tourism (NDT) radio partners. The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness amongst potential travellers in South Africa to explore and enjoy the various exciting destinations that the country offers. During the month of September there will be a series of activations that will profile achievements by the NDT and industry in growing the sector, the country’s flagship attractions, celebrating excellence in the sector via various media activations, events, public lectures on related tourism and hospitality topics, industry dialogues and formal dialogues and business breakfasts. 

The Minister’s Business Breakfast creates a platform for all industry role players to engage on how the tourism sector remains competitive and sustainable through the implementation of sustainable water management practices. The platform also creates an opportunity for the NDT to acknowledge and strengthen the partnership and collaboration necessary for greening the tourism sector with the private sector. The Department will also be hosting two Public Lectures on Tourism, one in the host Province, North West (Potchefstroom University) and another one in the Gauteng Province. 

World Tourism Day will also be celebrated on the 27th of September, which focuses on show casting how South Africa is a Tourism Destination. The day will comprises of formal event where the Minister will launch a “legacy project” and deliver a speech. ​​