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 National Rural Tourism Strategy

The National Department of Tourism (NDT) has developed a National Rural Tourism Strategy, a strategy meant to ensure a developmental approach upon packaging rural tourism products and opportunities in South Africa. This approach is also meant to prioritise spatial nodes which have a growth potential in order to stimulate growth of the tourism industry in South Africa. The White Paper on the Development and Promotion of Tourism in South Africa (DEAT 1996) contends that prime tourism attractions are not located in the city centres but rather in rural areas. The Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (2009) (CRDP) of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform states that “between 10 – 15million South Africans live in areas that are characterized by extreme poverty and underdevelopment.” In some of these poverty stricken areas, one can find world heritage sites and other major tourist attractions. This strategy therefore, further reviews product development, tourism marketing, human development, tourism infrastructure and tourism research and information for equal access of tourism opportunities in rural areas

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