Online lectures series for tourist guides

​Topics covered and speakers as follows:

1. Birding by Anthony Paton

As the 10th most prolific atlaser in the country and 12th in southern Africa, Anthony will be taking us through his bird atlasing journey which may be the world's largest bird drawing and reached 6 provinces. His talk is aimed at all tourist guides skilled in nature, culture and adventure throughout South Africa, a country which is home to 762 of the world's roughly 10 000 bird species.

2. Professor John Compton

This talk explores the strong correlation of plant biomes to bedrock geology and soils on the West Coast. The presentation covers plant ecosystems along the coast and inland to the Cape Fold Belt mountains and considers their present-day distribution, as well as how they may have varied in the recent (pre-European) and deep, geological past.

3. Role of the tourist guide

Jessi speaks about the role of the tourist guide in ensuring the safety of tourists. She covers aspects related to crime as well as Adventure Tourism activities which is considered high risk. She provides useful advice and tips which would be beneficial for all guides.

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4. Exploring the Geology of the West Coast

This talk takes you on a virtual geological field trip from the City of Cape Town to the Tankwa Karoo. The basement rocks of Malmesbury Group Shale and Cape Granite are well exposed in the Cape Town area and the entire Cape Supergroup stack of sediment is displayed in going from Table Mountain over Bain's Kloof, Michell's Pass and the Karoopoort. The rocks are beautifully showcased in the mountainous terrain of the Cape Fold Belt.

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Profile of Professor John Compton

5. Tracking and Animal Behaviour

Animal tracks are used by hunters in tracking their prey and by naturalists to identify animals living in a given area. The study of Tracking and Animal Behaviour is valuable in research on animal health and welfare. The lecture will look at understanding animal behaviour in different environments and provide insights that can help improve their living conditions.

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Profile of Lee Gutteridge

6. Tourism Development in Under Developed Areas

In this lecture you will learn more about Tourism Development in under developed areas with a key focus on Rural Tourism Development. As part of the lecture the Wild Coast will be used as a case study for the discussions. Join Mrs Nandipha David on this very exciting journey as you learn and discover more on how to establish and maintain tourism in a particular location. 

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Profile of Tourism Management Lecturer, Nandipha Davids

7. Sustainable & Responsible Guiding

The main responsibilities of sustainable tourism include protecting the environment, natural resources and wildlife which will lead to ensuring that guides that freelance can still continue guiding whilst boosting the socio-economic benefits of those communities within those tourist destinations.

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Profile of Marilda Wiegand

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8. Night skies

Celestial Nomads: Shooting stars are some of the most magical sights to behold on a dark night. Guests delight

in these ethereal flashes of light that punctuate a dark sky. For a night sky guide, shooting stars are an integral

part of any evening, illiciting ooo's and aaah's from everyone, and need to be discussed in detail. What are they?​

Where do they come from? And what is their relevance in terms of culture? This presentation covers the basics of

meteors, meteor showers, comets and meteorites and will give guides the opportunity to enhance their holistic

and natural interpretation of the night sky. 

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Basic and practical skills required for a night sky guide by Ben Coley

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9. Natural Wonders of the We​st Coast & Touring with History

The recording includes the following: 
10. SA's unparalleled geological heritage

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