Online lectures series for tourist guides

​Topics covered and speakers as follows:

1. Night skies

Celestial Nomads: Shooting stars are some of the most magical sights to behold on a dark night. Guests delight

in these ethereal flashes of light that punctuate a dark sky. For a night sky guide, shooting stars are an integral

part of any evening, illiciting ooo's and aaah's from everyone, and need to be discussed in detail. What are they?​

Where do they come from? And what is their relevance in terms of culture? This presentation covers the basics of

meteors, meteor showers, comets and meteorites and will give guides the opportunity to enhance their holistic

and natural interpretation of the night sky. 

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Basic and practical skills required for a night sky guide by Ben Coley

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2. Natural Wonders of the We​st Coast & Touring with History

The recording includes the following: 
3. SA's unparalleled geological heritage

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