National Tourism Careers Expo (NTCE) 2018

Department of Tourism in partnership with North West Department of Tourism and Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) hosts  NTCE 2018 from the 28th to 30th of  September 2018 at Sun City, North West Province. 

NTCE is an initiative of the Department of Tourism and the Culture, Arts, Hospitality and Sports Sector Education and Training (CATHSSETA). Initiated to create opportunities for tourism diversification and harnessing local skills for livelihood prospects looking at trade, tourism or cultural hubs. 

All learners at grade 09 – 12, FET and University Student, Unemployed Graduates will be attending the Expo to see what the industry has to offer in Tourism and hospitality career, entrepreneurial and job opportunities.

The event provides an opportunity for tourism curricula experts to share information with tourism educators and learners and for stakeholders within the sector to share information on diverse careers available in the sector. It is designed to bridge the information gap between the industry, government, learners and educators. 

This platform is meant to facilitate interaction between the above groups of people such that information and knowledge can be shared on available education and training opportunities as well as to show case available tourism professional opportunities and their worth in the South African and global economy.

The Broader Objectives of the educators’ seminars are as follows
  • To share information that would effectively empower educators who teach tourism and hospitality subjects at high school level.
  • To update educators on industry developments as tourism and hospitality are dynamic subjects and
  • To attempt to bridge the knowledge gap of educators who happen to teach tourism and hospitality without any formal education and training on these two subjects.
  • To communicate the progress of the NTCE and e the educators to attend the NTCE

During the expo popular highlights will include:

  • Specialised areas within the expo that will cater to each of the sectors of tourism and hospitality.
  • Speakers Corner, where tourism entrepreneurs and industry experts will share their success stories and allow learners and students to interact directly with the speakers. 
  • A job placement and recruitment service will also be made available to the learners.
  • Private sector companies will exhibit at the expo where they will provide interactive, edutainment experiences for the learners and further show their commitment to skills development by offering a number of bursaries, learnerships and internships to learners attending the expo.