Developing tourist guides and contributing to inclusive growth of the tourism economy

Many small businesses including self-employed individuals, freelancers and contract workers were unable to comply with the minimum requirements to access available relief measures being offered by the Department. This included the tourist guiding sector who comprise largely of freelancers or contract workers.

To address this gap the Department decided to host a series of sessions covering topics focusing on these challenges. Presentations focussing on tax requirements, business registration and contract management have been pre-recorded and made available electronically for tourist guides to access at their convenience. This will allow guides to have a better understanding of these various compliance issues which will equip them to access financial opportunities with ease should the need ever arise in the future.

Presentations can be accessed using the following links with topics and guest presenters outlined as follows:

1) Topic: Tax compliance for Tourism

Presented by Ms Amanda Hlophe
South African Revenue Service

2) Topic: Tax obligations for International Traders & Travellers

Presented by Mr Henson Msongweni
South African Revenue Services

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Tel: 0800117277 – Choose option 6 for Small Business Enquiries
Email: SMMETraders&

3) Topic: Introducing contracts for guides

Presented by Mr François Collin
National Federation of Tourist Guides and Affiliates
Introducing Contracts for Guides 101 part 1 - YouTube

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Facebook: NFTGA info – National Federation of Tourist Guides and Affiliates

4) Topic: Department Small Business Development Portfolio

Presented by Ms Thabi Mtshali
Department Small Business Development

Topic: Small Enterprise Development Agency - How to formalize your business

Presented by Ms Kate Masopha
Small Enterprise Development Agency

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Tel: 0860 103 703