National Tourism Information and Monitoring System (NTIMS) Data Collection Pilot Programme


The Department of Tourism is required through Tourism Act No. 3 of 2014 under Section 5(a) and (b) states that the Minister must establish a National Tourism Information and Monitoring System for collecting, recording, managing, analysing and disseminating information and data on tourism; and monitoring developments and trends in tourism.

Information on tourism businesses

The Minister may for purposes of planning, and with a view to the development and growth in the tourism sector, establish and maintain a database of information on tourism businesses.

The Minister may for the purposes of subsection (1) of Act No. (3), by notice in the Gazette, determine the categories of tourism businesses that may provide information, and may in this regard determine:
  • The period within which information is to be provided

  • The form and manner for providing information

  • The information which must be provided, which must, in relation to each tourism business, at least include
    • the name and form of the tourism business;
    • the geographical area of operation;
    • the nature of services, facilities or products it provides;
    • particulars relating to the classification and grading of the tourism business;
    • statistics and information of the services, facilities or products it offers; and
    • information as to the extent it provides facilities which are accessible to people with disabilities, children and the aged;

Background of the project

The information to be collected will assist and enable the department to get a clearer perspective of the supply side of tourism products and services, and their respective concentration and geographical spread.

Training of Data collectors:

The training of NTIMS data collectors through New Venture Creation for Gauteng and North West, will take place from 9 to 27 November 2020.  The 53 youth from Gauteng will be trained in Rooderpoort and the 50 youth from North West will be trained in Potchestroom.

How will this information be collected?

The Department will place trained data collectors in all respective municipalities across the country. The data collectors use mobile devices to collect the required information that will be stored on secure storage locations.

The data collectors can be identified by their official identity cards bearing their name and ID number, and uniform bearing the Department of Tourism’s corporate identity.