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Minister Lindiwe Sisulu signs a memorandum of understanding with her Kenyan counterpart
Minister Lindiwe Sisulu signs a memorandum of understanding with her Kenyan counterpart

​​​​Today (23 November 2021) Minister of Tourism Lindiwe Sisulu today signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding on the side lines of the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta state visit to South Africa.

The MoU seeks to promote, develop and increase cooperation in the field of tourism within South Africa and Kenya on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

The MoU will enable both countries to organise training programmes in the field of tourism, including marketing, sustainable development of tourism and related subjects for officials of both countries and develop close cooperation between institutions of both countries.

In an effort to promote investment in areas of tourism, both countries shall establish, promote, develop and support the activities and efforts of professionals and other bodies, associations and organisations in the field of tourism existing and operating in their respective territories, with a view to encourage and implement joint capital and entrepreneurship in the field of tourism.

The Parties shall organise joint seminars periodically for investing companies and institutes to introduce projects and the conditions of joint ventures in the field of tourism and also to exchange views in this field. The Parties shall inform potential investors of opportunities existing in the tourism sector.

Both countries will exchange information on tourism events and festivals, which are being organised in their countries and make necessary arrangements for participation of the other Party in these events.

The Parties shall encourage participation of organised groups, individual tourists and special groups in sporting events, musical and theatre performance festivals as well as exhibitions, symposia and congress in calendar events on tourism in both countries. Both Parties shall endeavour to publish such events on the websites of their respective Ministries or Departments responsible for tourism.

The Parties shall support and encourage outbound tourism activities in the form of conferences, sports and leisure tourism and exhibition symposia.

The MoU further state that both countries will consider establishing tourism information offices in each other’s country in order to provide and facilitate the exchange of information, statistics and tourism activities of their respective countries within the framework of the domestic law in force in their respective countries.

The Countries may exchange other information in the field of tourism, including but not limited to information regarding –

a)    legislation and other regulatory mechanism in the field of tourism;

b)    domestic law concerning the protection and preservation of natural and cultural resources and heritage sites as tourist attractions;

c)    experiences in the field of the management of hotels and other related facilities, accommodation as well as other institutions meant to serve in the promotion of tourism;

d)    references, information and advertising materials.

The countries shall execute various mechanisms of data collection on the number of tourists visiting each country annually and the same shall be posted on their respective Ministry or Department website;

The countries shall also encourage private sector entities involved in the tourism industry to develop cooperation programmes relating to sustainable tourism practices.

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