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Warning against fraudulent requests for procurement of goods on behalf of the Department of Tourism
Department of Tourism

​The Department of Tourism would like to warn members of the public against an organised syndicate (s) scamming unsuspecting members of the public and claiming to act on behalf of the Department.

The syndicate operates through some of the following:

  • Requesting quotations for various goods and services from potential service providers.
  • If the supplier indicates that the time frame for the tender e.g. supply of goods cannot be met, the caller insists the supplier contact a subcontractor who is a ‘registered’ provider to the government departments which the caller provides.
  • The subcontractor (part of the syndicate) who is eager to assist produces a tender which is accepted by the department. The subcontractor then requests money from the supplier prior to delivery of the goods.
  • Subsequent to the transfer of money to the subcontractor, the service provider is issued with a fictitious delivery note and advised to invoice the department.
  • Once the supplier realises the delivery date has not been met, the supplier starts to enquire only to find that the subcontracting company does not exist and the department has no knowledge of any tenders for the goods that were supposed to be provided.

The department condemns such illegal activities and calls on all service providers to be on alert for these criminals and to verify the legitimacy of quotations and purchase orders prior to processing and delivery of goods with the Directorate: Supply Chain Management in the Department of Tourism.

Officials are therefore encouraged to bring this information to the attention of service providers.

By Directorate: Business Performance and Risk Management