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Revised: 13 March 2019

The requirements for children travelling to or from the Republic of South Africa are aimed at giving effect to the Children’s Act, 2005. Click to read more...

Tourism is a sector that holds the promise of incredible opportunities and must be nurtured to grow and further develop. The NDP recognises that tourism has the potential to become one of the main drivers in the economy.

In further pursuing the country’s tourism potential as a significant generator of jobs and revenue, Cabinet approved the publication of the Tourism Amendment Bill for public comment, which amends the Tourism Act, 2014 (Act 3 of 2014).

The amendments improve the governance of South African Tourism as an entity under the authority of a board. It also empowers the Minister of Tourism to determine the thresholds regarding short-term home rental.

The Bill also provides for the competence requirements of tourist guides and for the regulation of tourist guide driving..... Read more

EXTENDED CLOSING DATE!!! Are the Tourism B-BBEE Sector Codes achieving growth and inclusivity? Let us know through the B-BBEE survey. Survey ends 31 March 2019, click on this link to get started 
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