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The review process we use to rate the top online casinos involves checking every one against 250 parameters using our intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. The categories each online casino is checked against include how fast they process payments, deposits, bonuses and cashouts, as well as overall customer service, their selection of games, encryption technology used, software quality and much, much more. This allows us to quickly and easily identify the very best available and weed out those that should be avoided. In the event of there being a big red flag like horrible customer service or really slow payment processing, we dig deep to find out the exact root of the problem. The majority of rogue casinos out there that fail in big categories like these will end up being blacklisted, however, the process is not an automatic one. Rather than simply writing off the online casino as being poor, our team will contact the site’s management to see if the issue is an isolated one.
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The bottom line is that operators that find their way onto our online casino blacklist don’t get there by accident. It means that not only have they failed miserably, but even after being given a chance, they didn’t have the will or ability to redeem themselves.
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