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Minister Tokozile hosts Christmas event for the elderly and senior citizens of the Dr Rubusana Region, in Berlin – Eastern Cape
Minister Tokozile hosts Christmas event for the elderly and senior citizens of the Dr Rubusana Region, in Berlin – Eastern Cape
Minister of Tourism, Ms Tokozile Xasa hosted an early Christmas event for the elderly people of Berlin, her constituency. This heart-warming and socially responsible event took place on Wednesday, 13 December, at the Dr Rubusana Region, as the Country draws closer towards the end of the celebrations of the legacy of our late leader and father of the nation, Oliver Reginald Tambo, during what has been a ground breaking “Year of OR Tambo, who would have turned 100 years old, this year”.

Minister Xasa, accompanied by members of the Provincial and Regional Office and including five local Councillors, took time off from their hectic schedules to spend time with the elderly, while also giving specific time and space to listen to the concerns raised by the elderly people, during the Christmas lunch occasion.

The delegation led by Minister Xasa hosted a hundred elderly people across the five districts of Berlin.  20 elderly people were sourced from each of the five wards of the Dr WB Rubusana Region, namely:  Ward 22, Ward 24, Ward 40, Ward 45 and Ward 49.  The elderly people were identified in collaboration with the local councillors, as part of the poverty alleviation programme and therefore as the most deserving and needing recipients, as we approach the Christmas period.  The Minister handed over Christmas hampers and food items, to the 100 elderly people, who benefited from her hard work, as a servant of the people of the Dr Rubusana Region, in collaboration with all ground structures.  The event is an integral part of the Minister’s social outlook and refocusing of Tourism as an opportunity creator and a poverty reduction agent, as part of the Government’s drive towards “working together, in order to do more”.  

The Minister will address the key issues that relate to the elderly, including the need for broader society to acknowledge the role played by the elderly.  Minister Xasa is expected to urge all residents of the Calata District to appreciate and acknowledge the role played by the elderly people in the attainment of our Country’s democracy.

Minister Xasa will also address the safety of travellers and visitors during this festive season, including the protection of vulnerable people such as the disabled, the children, women and the elderly, as part of broader society’s way of giving back to these sectors.

Says Minister Xasa, as she prepares to host the 100 elderly people of Berlin, “These esteemed elderly gentlemen and ladies gave us our lives, they gave us our freedom and they gave us our education and careers”.  Today, they continue to be a beacon of good guidance and hope that our world can still be a better place.  We must all hold our senior citizens and elderly in high regard.  Today is our opportunity to put smile on the faces of those who have handed over the baton to us.  This event is an opportunity to say – Thank you, you deserve far much more and may the good Lord grant you long life”.

The Minister takes this time to wish all South Africans and our international visitors a happy festive season.  We are all in this together and working towards a South Africa that respects its elderly people and its senior citizens, for a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

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Ministerial Spokesperson
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